Foundation; A Girl’s Best Friend

February 6th, 2011

I dream about never using foundation again, but when I do leave the house without it, I am usually regretting it ten minutes away from my driveway. I have, however, over the years made foundation my best friend. It’s something that really comes down to an art and a science to make my skin look flawless in a matter of minutes (usually for work) or about 10 minutes for special occasions. I haven’t met many people that believe their skin is flawless, and I am definitely no different.

When I first started using makeup, I used the heaviest of foundations, Double Matte from Estee Lauder, to be exact. Although it covered the “spots” I was convinced that my 15 year old self had, it was messy, and overwhelming for my face. It is a great foundation though and I may even go back to it someday.

As many of you know, I cannot get away from MAC Makeup for the majority of my makeup routine and foundation is no different. When I am asked which foundation I recommend, it is always MAC, if not only for their fun atmosphere and helpful artists, but of course their products. My love affair with MAC foundation began with Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15. Still a constant in my makeup bag, this foundation has excellent coverage, goes on smoothly, and creates a beautiful glow. The negative to this product is that it doesn’t last long enough through stressful days at work or long nights out on the town. (And yes, I have tried various primers).

MAC recently answered my prayers by coming out with Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation, (and matching congealer) that I absolutely love for it’s staying power. This foundation has made it through stressful bank Mondays, various bar top dancing evenings, and lounging around at home. The downside? The foundation dries very quickly doesn’t provide as much coverage as I would like.

To overcome this minor issue, I have created the perfect combination for my skin and coverage desires. I mix my two favorite foundations mentioned above with a little bit of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer for the perfect combination of longevity, glowing complexion, and flawless finish that I look for in my makeup. The mixing comes easy with the pumps on the foundations, either sold separately or already on the bottle that makes it simple to mix the formulas on the back of my hand, apply to face, and go.

Foundation isn’t for everyone, but after some mixing and practicing, it will always be my best friend and starting point to creating a flawless makeup look.

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